Quick Update

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I am unable to post anything here right now because this blog is being watched by ‘undesirables’.

If you have my email address, you can contact me that way. However, it may take me several days to respond.

Going offline for a while

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Unfortunately, I am not like other so-called “truthers” out there who lie to get donations. So, this blog will lay dormant for now until I’m in a better financial situation where I can maintain it.

If you would like to help me out of this, please consider donating using the PayPal button below. Every little bit is sincerely appreciated. Be forwarned though, that I may not be able to reply right away, but I will eventually.

Dean Clifford Spent 16 Months In Jail For Heresy Against Occult Doctrine

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I know, I know, hard to believe that it’s the real reason why Dean Clifford was jailed. But to occult something simply means to hide it. And by un-occulting the knowledge and info and exposing the truth about their fake power, Dean Clifford was jailed and kept in the worse prison in the country for 16 months out of vengence for daring to question their doctrine.

In the 1740’s in France, a dissident like Dean would have been dragged to the top of a monument and had his head chopped off to scare onlookers. In the dark ages he would have been accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake in a public display. Religious leaders say that people like Dean are possessed by satan or demons to dissuade others from listening to them. In the present, people like Dean are equated to people who commmit terrible acts, called terrorists and jailed.

These things were all done to generate fear of the knowledge that’s hidden from the masses, because when you have that knowledge, you’re just as powerful as they are.

The ruling class are terrified of people who think, and do, for themselves. They’re no different than abusive parents who get upset or depressed when the child has had enough and leaves home.

The curtains are being pulled back and the wizards are pathetic little children.

I feel compelled to write this

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You all know who I’m writing this for.

There’s a demarcation line between what is fact and what is fiction. And there’s a big difference between learning about something and ‘believing in‘ it.

Think about this – You can read the bible without becoming a Christian as a result of what you read. You can read a book about building houses without becoming a construction worker.

Are you a baker if you read a recipe book on making bread and muffins?

Same thing goes for occult and satanic stuff. Just because I think the topic and subject matter is interesting, to me it’s an extension of psychology which is something I’m interested in. I DO NOT believe in this stuff or adopt it as my own belief system! Jeez, people.

It only appears to be magic or mysterious because you don’t know the psychology behind it. You create stuff in your own mind, just like you created the monsters under the bed in your own mind when you were a kid.

It’s all psychological triggers that bring up primal fear artifacts left over from human evolution.

Satan – simply means opposition or adversary.

Demon – demon is a person or uneducated person. It was the common name for such people in the ancient past.

Lucifer – is simply enlightenment, or barer or bringer of light. Basically, knowledge, or a knowledgeable person who was not part of the ruling class.

All those words were simply concepts and it wasn’t until thousands of years AFTER the words were coind that they were given an embodiment by religious experts, or said to be imaginary beings – to scare regular people into compliance and to convince them that knowledge (enlightenment) was evil – to keep them down and hold them back as a species and keep the ruling class in power at the time. Because if the peasants or Demons were smart, they would have been smart enough to know that the rulers were no different than them.

The ruling class were occulting, or hiding, the knowledge about human nature and using it to control them.

That’s it in a nut shell. There is nothing more to it than that. Everything else is just logistics and semantics, or disinformation to distract and confuse.

Jeez, it’s a good thing I’m not a psychopath or I could have the people begging me for info on this indoctrinated into my own cult right now.

Saying Hi To My Work Mates

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Last weekend a friend from work saw that I had a copy of the satanic bible on my computer. It’s there purely for research. I don’t ‘believe’ in any ideology, especially subversive ones.

So as a joke, I have worn as much black clothing as possible at work for the past two days and it’s hilarious that no one has said anything to me, but they look at me a lot differently, and they’re even searching my name on Google!!

Yes “Paul Short Satanist” has been used as a search term to find my site a number of times now and the referring IP addresses are all local to the town I’m in!

Guys, Gals, anyone interested in hanging out at my grotto this weekend?

We’ll order pizza and conjure up some demons!


Lots Of Alternative News Blog Errors – Lets Point Fingers

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I use an RSS news reader to subscribe to, and get instant updates from about 150 blogs and news sites. In the app, the headlines appear and you just click on them to go to the site. Saves a lot of time and hassle. But I’ve been noticing a lot of errors on a number of sites.

Clicking on the headline in the RSS reader opens my regular internet browser, whhich then hangs for a few seconds, and then there’s either a 503 error at the sites, the hosting control panel pops up saying the owner has not configured the site, or there’s a timeout.

That’s strange because the problems are not on my end, it’s their sites and hosting accounts. These errors are coming from their servers.

What fixes it? Simply refreshing the page. That’s it. So it’s not like all these sites are down for maintenance or something and come back in a few minutes or a few hours. It’s a case where seconds later, after a page refresh the site is there again.

One site being down occasionally is perfectly normal. But 2-5 out of 10 times accessing different sites means something else is going on. That many various sites having that many problems over a period of days is not statistically plausable.

I previously linked to and quoted a post from The Intercept about Canada’s major role in hacking sites and infrastructure and here’s another quote from that article which may be related to this. The bolding is mine:

Canada’s electronic surveillance agency has secretly developed an arsenal of cyberweapons capable of stealing data and destroying adversaries’ infrastructure, according to newly revealed classified documents.

The revelations, reported Monday by CBC News in collaboration with The Intercept, shine a light for the first time on how Canada has adopted aggressive tactics to attack, sabotage and infiltrate targeted computer systems.

The document suggests CSE has access to a series of sophisticated malware tools developed by the NSA as part of a program known as QUANTUM. As The Intercept has previously reported, the QUANTUM malware can be used for a range of purposes — such as to infect a computer and copy data stored on its hard drive, to block targets from accessing certain websites, or to disrupt their file downloads. Some of the QUANTUM techniques rely on redirecting a targeted person’s internet browser to a malicious version of a popular website, such as Facebook, that then covertly infects their computer with the malware.

Adversaries – The alternative media would certainly be considered adversaries, wouldn’t they?

Aggressive tactics, sabotage, infiltrate – Temporarily blocking access to alternative media sites to discourage people from visiting would certainly fall under that umbrella, wouldn’t it?

Block targets from accessing, disrupt file downloads, redirecting a person’s internet browser – Need I say more?

When problems occur, you point the finger at the person or people who have been proven to be actively creating such problems.

And yes, these people and agencies are operating by the dictionary definitions of what a cult is. 😉

Tim Osman = Usama / Osama bin Laden

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Tim Osman = Osama (Usama) bin Laden

Tim Osman = Osama binLaden

Un-Occulted Documents Reveal Canada’s Secret Hacking Tactics

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Psychopathic grand master Stephen Harper and his cult of liars, hackers and subversive filth have been hell bent on ruining Canada and putting Canadians in grave mortal danger by commiting acts of aggression on other nations who have the power to fight back… all in the name of protecting us, of course.

From The Intercept:

Canada’s electronic surveillance agency has secretly developed an arsenal of cyberweapons capable of stealing data and destroying adversaries’ infrastructure, according to newly revealed classified documents.

Communications Security Establishment, or CSE, has also covertly hacked into computers across the world to gather intelligence, breaking into networks in Europe, Mexico, the Middle East and North Africa, the documents show.

The revelations, reported Monday by CBC News in collaboration with The Intercept, shine a light for the first time on how Canada has adopted aggressive tactics to attack, sabotage and infiltrate targeted computer systems.

To prove that Canada’s intel agencies are, indeed, a cult, one only has to look at the above, which was hidden, secret knowledge before it was revealed in documents released by Edward Snowden a couple years ago.

Black Magic Occult Tactic – Invoking Fear Of Death

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The practicing occultist’s primary objective is to hide knowledge so that it can be used to gain an advantage over those of you who do not have the same knowledge. Magic, or what they refer to as Black Magic is one of the ways they go about hiding, or occulting both the knowledge they hide, and their methods of hiding it.

Fear of death

Chances are, you know, or have heard of a child who is afraid of the dark. For most adults, it seems like a childish fear because you all know that when the child goes to bed, turning off the light does not create any danger in the bedroom that didn’t exist when the lights were on. But to the child, that fear if danger is very real.

But what the parent doesn’t usually know is that the fear of the dark is an instinct that developed millions of years ago in our evolutionary ancestors as a survival mechanism. Imagine a small group of early humans living outside in the wilderness. At night, any number of predators come out to hunt stealthily, under the cover of darkness. So in order to survive they became more fearful and their senses became more heightened. They took measures to protect themselves from what may have been lurking in the darkness, like seeking or building shelter, lighting fires that cast light on their immediate surroundings to keep night time predators away, etc. It goes back even further I’m sure, because even the lower animals have natural fears that protect them, but this explanation should suffice for now.

Fast forward to the present.

How many people walking around going about their lives today even know they have primal fears that go back to beyond the time when their evolutionary ancestors walked on all fours or discovered fire?

If you ask them, they’ll probably say yes, they know about it, or acknowledge that it makes a lot of sense.

But try to tell them that when a priest talks about the dark forces of evil, or a video is realeased online of an ISIS terrorist dressed in black, or a local cop wears black riot gear, they are invoking that primal fear of darkness and the person will laugh at you or call you a nutcase.

Go farther and tell them that those people are performing a type of black magic called an invocation and see where it gets you.

Even the word ‘black’ when used in conjunction with the word ‘magic’ is, in and of itself, an invocation that ‘conjures’ those primal fears of the unknown dangers lurking in the dark.

As you read this, right now, you are experiencing fear and some discomfort, because I am talking about black, darkness, fear and black magic.

But just like the small child who was afraid of the dark, once the parent goes into the room, turns on the light and maybe shows the child that there’s nothing to fear in the closet, under the bed or behind the dresser, whether the lights are on or off, once people know what was previously unknown there is no reason to fear it. Or if some danger does exist, appropriate action can be taken to protect oneself from that danger without being gripped by fear, just like our evolutionary ancestors did millions of years ago.

It really is that simple. That really is all there is to it.

The magic only happens in the minds of the people who don’t have the knowledge of how the tricks are done.

Occult Practioners Have Taken Over The Internet

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What is the occult?

Back in May of 2012 I published the definition of the word occult as:

The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to “knowledge of the hidden.”

The Online Etymology Dictionary defines the word occult as:

occult (adj.)

1530s, “secret, not divulged,” from Middle French occulte and directly from Latin occultus “hidden, concealed, secret,” past participle of occulere “cover over, conceal,” from ob “over” (see ob-) + a verb related to celare “to hide,” from PIE root *kel- (2) “to cover, conceal” (see cell). Meaning “not apprehended by the mind, beyond the range of understanding” is from 1540s. The association with the supernatural sciences (magic, alchemy, astrology, etc.) dates from 1630s.

The definition varies slightly from dictionary to dictionary but the principle definition always remains the same – occult means hidden, to occult something means to hide it from view and occultists or occult practitioners are those who hide knowledge.

The handfull of companies, government agencies and other entities I mentioned in my previous post titled The Truth Is Dead Online, are, by all definitions, occultists and occult practitioners, as is any group or individual who hides knowledge and information to gain an advantage over those who do not have that knowledge

That’s a fact. And if you don’t ‘believe’ it, that’s called ignorance:

ignorant (adj.)

late 14c., from Old French ignorant (14c.), from Latin ignorantia, from ignorantem (nominative ignorans), present participle of ignorare “not to know, to be unacquainted; mistake, misunderstand; take no notice of, pay no attention to,” from assimilated form of in- “not, opposite of” (see in- (1)) + Old Latin gnarus “aware, acquainted with” (cognates: Classical Latin noscere “to know,” notus “known”), from Proto-Latin suffixed form *gno-ro-, related to gnoscere “to know” (see know).

Form influenced by Latin ignotus “unknown.” Also see uncouth. Colloquial sense of “ill-mannered” first attested 1886. As a noun meaning “ignorant person” from mid-15c.

And ignorance is both the goal and the result of the occult.

Is this making sense to you yet?