Grassroots Activism: How To Withdraw Your Consent To Be Governed By Corrupt Authority

Grassroots Activism: How To Withdraw Your Consent To Be Governed By Corrupt AuthorityGovernments at all levels in democratic countries, from the town councils of tiny communities to the federal government of the entire nation, are vampires. The only thing that gives them the power they have is the consent of the people they govern. And they manufacture that consent by presuming that when you voted for them, you consented to everything they do from that point on.

This collective consent makes them appear to be powerful. It makes them look larger than life and when they do something you do not agree with, you feel powerless to do anything about it, so you sit back and through your acquiescence accept their tyranny without question.

But the fact is, there is something you can do about it. You are not powerless. You had the power to consent in the first place, so you also have the power to withdraw that consent at any time. Here's how:

1. Write a short letter stating you do not agree with the relevant issue, that it abridges your rights in some way and that until they cease and desist doing so you are hereby withdrawing your consent to be governed by them.

2. Have a Notary witness your signature on the letter.

3. Go to your postal outlet and have the postal worker watch you place the letter in an envelope, seal the envelope and get the postal worker to stamp the flap of the envelope with half the stamp on the flap and half on the envelope.

4. Send by registered mail to the appropriate government representative with return receipt.

The Notary's stamp makes your letter official. The postman's stamp shows that they witnessed you putting it in the envelope so government officials can't claim later that the envelope was empty, and registered mail with return reciept means that someone at the government's office signed for the delivery and the receipt you get back with their signature proves that they got it.

By doing this and instructing other like-minded people in your area to do the same, you have started a collective (grassroots) campaign that methodically and officially begins removing the government's power to do anything to you that you don't feel represents your or the community's best interests.

Couple this with a telephone campaign to your government representatives and things like public notices in your local newspapers, billboard advertising, email campaigns, etc. and you are building a resistence movement that's well documented in the public record, is official to the government and that is also non-violent. It is the act of an informed public that knows their rights, their duties to their fellow man, their power, and how to use those to effect change.

In the late 1700's, a small group of determined Americans withdrew their consent to be governed by the most powerful foreign tyrants on the planet at the time, and they won their independence. Today in America, that group of powerful tyrants is domestic. Withdrawing your consent to be governed by them is the first step in taking back your independence once again. Don't let your opportunity slip away.

By Paul Short on 16/07/2012